Sunday, 28 February 2010

Life through a lens - Surprise Sunday, Life with Callum

As Bumpy's due date looms ever closer (it's days now!!... hopefully!!) I'm thinking more and more about Callum's birth. We had a very traumatic birth with Callum, one that maybe one day I'll talk about but not today, for now I'll leave you with the first image I saw of my son Callum, 13 hours before I actually got to see and hold him in person.

Anyway I'm trying not to think too much so I don't get stressed about it, I'm staying positive but every day I think of this new life growing inside me I'm also reminded of the life that I've already grown inside me, given birth to (well in a way) and nurtured. Sure he drives me crazy at times, acts like he is a teenager already (and he's only 6.5 years old!), talks back but he also amazes me in how he tackles things in life, his love and knowledge of cars, how he can just say one thing and make me laugh and smile or just how he just sometimes gives you a little cuddle and melts your heart. He always cares for peoples feelings and hates it whenever someone is upset, if a friend of his at school gets hurt he'll take them to the nurse and wait until they are ok, he never sees any difference between colour/creed/religion like I've seen other kids of his age do, everyone is there to be friends with. Like I said he may drive me crazy but every day he makes me proud to be his Mum. I know when Bumpy does come into the world that they will have the best Big Brother ever and even if Bumpy is a sister (Callum's worst nightmare) I know that he'll always look out for them and not let anyone harm or upset them. So here's to my little superhero, I love you. xx

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Life through a lens - Showcase Saturday, Sunset

Taken Boxing Day 2007. Over the road from my parents house is some fields and a farm that has footpaths around for us to use. This was taken on our way back home haveing walked all the way round and set off in daylight.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Art Project - Thumbprints Thursday, Superman

Not my best Thumbprints Thursday but still...

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Life through a lens - Tuesday, Sunrise

This in an old photo taken from our previous home (first floor flat in a town centre) on my Olympus mju. Even though we were in the middle of a town centre we used to get beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Motor Neurones Disease.

This is my Uncle Del. Sadly the other week he passed away after having suffered from Motor Neurones Disease. It's been a sad and terrible loss for our family, he was a one in a million guy my Uncle. MND is a terrible illness and at present our government doesn't have a National Strategy for the illness. The MND Association website currently has a petition going for people to sign to change this. I don't normally ask this of people but it would mean so much to my family and I if you could spare five seconds to sign the petition.

You can find the petition and more information here:

Or if you are on facebook you are welcome to add me as a friend (Sarah White) and join the group that has been created.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and in advance Thank You for signing the petition.

Sarah. x

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Life through a lens - Surprise Sunday, Life With Callum

When Callum first started school he had trouble sitting still and with his legs crossed. So his first bit of homework he got from school was to practice sitting with his legs crossed and still. Of course he had to make it a bit different and make it so that he sat on my lap with his legs crossed. Eventually we got there though and nowadays he doesn't have any problems sitting cross-legged.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Life through a lens - Showcase Saturday, The Daftness of Dash

Callum chose the photo to use for this weeks Showcase Saturday. This is what we get if we don't fold up up our patio chairs. Even if we do he sometimes works out how to unfold them so he can get on top of the table. Why does he like to sit up there? Well he can then clearly see over the fences and survey the land, typical sheep dog. lol.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Life through a lens - Tuesday, Ill House

Yes he does have a sock on his hand & arm.

It seems lately that all we are in the White Household is ill. Last week Callum woke up with a really snotty nose but was well enough for school, then this week that snottyg nose has developed into a nasty chesty cough. Sunday and yesterday Callum was just not himself, he actually slept a lot of Sunday afternoon even though my in-laws were here and yesterday his cousins Eloise and Alex were around and even my sister commented on how he wasn't himself.

My poor little bubba

Today he seems a little perkier but he still has the rotten cough. But then last night it was my turn to be ill (again!) and I've spent most of the night in the bathroom. Plus it's all gloomy and raining outside which doesn't help moods either.

When will it all end?

Monday, 15 February 2010

Art Project - Miscellaneous Monday, Magic Painting

This was from the other week but today we did some more. Callum's cousins came round and together we all spent half hour or so doing magic painting. Basically all you need is a white crayon (although you can use other colours too), some white paper and some watered down paint. Start off by drawing a picture on the white paper with the white crayon and then you paint over the whole sheet or just the area you did your crayon drawing with the watered down paint and hey presto like magic you picture can be seen!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Life through a lens - Surprise Sunday, Life With Callum

As mentioned on last weeks Surprise Sunday, Life With Callum post I'm going to spend the next few Sunday's showing some of the ways that Callum shows affection.

This week:

A Spiderman to watch over me

Over New Year I was very ill with a tummy bug which resulted in me spending most of my time (well when not in the bathroom) in bed sleeping. Callum really worries when I'm ill like this but knows that he can't look after me all the time. The first night I was ill while I was asleep Callum snuck into our bedroom and placed Spidey where you see him above with instructions to look after me while he, Callum, was asleep. Spidey is still there all these months later, to now watch over me in case Bumpy decides to come during the night.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Life through a lens - Tuesday , Sweet Heart

An old photo from the other year. I went to the sweet jar and found a red heart sweet just sitting there on the top like this, both hubby and Callum swear blind they didn't set it that way. Obviously the sweets thought I needed some love that day. lol

Monday, 8 February 2010

Life through a lens - Micellaneous Monday, Love Heart

This is something Callum made a few years ago using paint on our laptop. At the time he was just using the cutting tool and then the filling tool and wasn't aiming for a heart shape we just noticed it had taken that shape when it was finished and opted to change the colours of blue to pink. I then used flickr toys to add a frame etc

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Life through a lens - Surprise Sunday, Life With Callum

The other day I took part in an interview that was to do with Family Life in Multicultural Britain. One of the questions I got asked was about how Callum shows affection. Now I'm lucky that I do have a very affectionate child (although he does swap like Jekyll and Hyde at times) and Callum shows affection in all forms. What forms? All forms, but I won't spoil it by telling you all, instead over the next few Sundays I'll post some of those ways.

This week:

Mrs Missile

Before school Callum was making Lego models, he made one each for hubby and I and before heading off to school (and without us knowing) he went and put each of our models on our bedside table. Mines called Mrs Missiles because she's married and has missiles and Daz' is called Lazer Eyes. lol. Callum will often do things like this, make a Lego model and put it either on our bedside table/s or somewhere for us.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Life through a lens - Showcase Saturday, Fan

I can't wait for summer to roll on so I have a choice when I feel cool.