Saturday, 31 October 2009

Art Project - Halloween Happiness

As a kid growing up we never really did anything for Halloween, my Mum wasn't really a believer of it, heck I don't even remember us carving a pumpkin. As a parent myself now even though I don't really like the idea of Callum going trick or treating I don't mind us having kids to the door doing it (well as long as they are kids, are dressed up and are of course nice and polite) and I do love us having a pumpkin to carve and Callum getting dressed up.

So that's what we've done. I found a site where we could print spooky halloween masks from and then we could decorate them to our liking. I of course have glitterfied mine. Then instead of elasticating the back Daz suggested we make them as masquerade masks so we have used some skewers, some drinking straws and of course the ever useful sellotape (where would we be without sellotape in our lives?) we've threaded the skewers inside the straws, sellotaped the top and bottom so the skewers won't fall out and then sellotaped them to the back of our masks. All done! Simple. As you can see from the link you do have the option to cut out the eyes etc but to do this we worked out you needed a craft knife and we didn't have one (or something similar) and so opted for having the eyes left in.

As well as masks we have a small pumpkin to carve. Callum had drawn a face on that he wanted carved into the mask but he'd made the eyes and mouth too small so I enlarged them and made it a little more spooky although maybe this glitter penned cheesy smiling pumpkin did have a scary creepy look to it.

So there's our halloween art project done and the evening is left for us to answer the door to trick or treater's and dish out the sweets. Hope you all have a lovely Halloween.

Friday, 30 October 2009

31,536,000 seconds, 525,600 minutes, 8,760 hours, 365 days, 12 months, a year

Whichever way you say it, it's a long time and a lot can happen in a year.

As mentioned in my "About Me" section an online friend, Matt, set a challenge to any of us willing, interested or just plain mad enough to take part in. The challenge was to keep a blog for a year with an entry every day. Doesn't sound hard you say? Hmm we will see. The thing is trying to figure out what to talk about every day for a year. I already have several blogs:

Little Monster Callum's Blog - A blog I've had for many years capturing moments of my son Callum's life.
Three Plus One Equals Four - A blog about my pregnancy with our second child.
Coolgirlsar's Photos - A blog about my photography
Ravings of a Pregnant Woman - A blog I think is summed up from the title alone lol.

After a bit of thought I came up with an idea, I'll blog about various art projects I've heard about, read about or carried out myself and publish one day. It'll be a note for future reference when I have a rainy day to occupy a little monkey monster and a memento of art projects we do ourselves. But obviously I can't do an art project a day for a year with Callum, he does have school and we do have other things in life to do. So for those days that I don't have an art project I'll have a photo project, or maybe on some days I'll do a bit of both. We'll just have to wait and see.

So here is to the beginning of a year of double sided sellotape, glue, glitter and clicking away with a camera. Hope you come join me and hey if you feel like a challenge I'd love to read your 365 days blog.